Ford Falcon 1964, Automatic - Sunshine Coast

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Item details

City: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Offer type: Sell
Price: $10,000
Model: Ford Falcon
Kms done:51,175
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:Coupe


Contact name reeve

Item description

PRE-MILLENIUM FALCON FIrstly, the description of the car is slightly wrong, due to the options available on the Carsales site. It is a 1964 XM Hardtop (or coupe), The engine is not original but a Straight 6 250ci (about 4.1 litres) with a 2v manifold. Its the more standard 'deluxe' model with a split bench seat, not the Futura. Also, I would be very surprised if the milage on the odometer was accurate, she’s been around the block a few times… SPIEL: We’ve had this car since 2003, it has been our only car the whole time, you’d call it a daily driver, but we mostly just use it at weekends. It’s been up to Sydney and back a couple times, a few road trips, but mostly just used around town. While its probably not the most practical city car, that’s the way we’ve used it, and its been looked after regularly by our local mechanic. It’s getting a bit tired, needs some love, and we reckon its someone else’s turn. We haven’t spent money tidying it up, because you might want to paint it metallic blue, or drop a little V8 in there, who knows. MECHANICALS The 250 2v is a good strong engine, and quite desirable in its own right, I think it is from a 1971 XY falcon, not sure, but it is well suited to the XM Coupe. If you’ve ever driven a completely stock XM, you will know that they are underpowered in the standard format. We had the engine and transmission reco’d a long while ago (2005?) but it still seems strong. There have been a number of other thing fixed on it over the years, but overall seems quite reliable. Disc brakes in the front. It does suck down a fair bit of petrol, but that’s just how it goes. It’s been fairly cheap to fix as XM parts are fairly common and cheap, it is only the coupe-specific parts that are expensive (panels, door rubbers, etc.) Mechanics love working on these. BODY: The bodywork is in fair condition. It was last re—sprayed in 2013 (I think) and wasn´t the best job. The most obvious issue is the roof, when we bought it there was no sign of any issue, but since the re-spray we saw that it once had a sunroof that was later filled in, this is now causing the bog to pop out. I stemmed the tide a bit myself, patched it up and sprayed it, but it really needs the roof fixed properly. Or, you could put the sunroof in again… There’s rust here and there, usual places, but I don’t think it is major. The plenum (box in front of windscreen) I think is OK. I´ve tried to show the issues in the photos as much as possible, but I may have missed some. The interior is worn out too. The driver’s seat is buggered (I use a cushion over it….) The door inserts were falling apart, so I removed them a while ago, I still have them somewhere. They need to be replaced. The chrome is all there, I think it is all original, and in decent condition. I suspect the hubcaps are not original, but they look fine to me. A few little scratches here and there, nothing major. Steering wheel is cracked up. Door rubbers are fairly new. Horn doesn’t work. The old original radio in it is just the box, no guts, does not work. The newer radio below it also stopped working recently, not sure why. VIBE Its a lovely car, sad to see it go. Pillar-less coupe. Love that Jetsons look, the rocket tail-lights, sleek lines. Im totally used to driving it, but drivers of modern cars drive this and have a little trouble at first. It’s a bit primitive, I guess. You get used to people taking photos of it, giving you the thumbs up, asking about what it is etc, notes left on the windscreen. The asking price is realistic, I think. There are a few XM sedans out there on the market, but not many coupes out there, and certainly not at this price. Just wind down all the windows, go for a spin and try not to smile. If it was spruced up it would be double the price. I have tried to be as as honest as possible with my description.